This is a picture that my wife took of me at “The Old Mill” in Pigeon Forge, TN.

It was a difficult time for us even though we were on vacation. Many things have happened since then that have helped me to understand who I am. God has worked in my life, in spite of my stubbornness.

The things I can’t see (but still believe) need to mean more to me than my own reputation (what people think of me). My faith needs action. I want to do something about all the suffering, even if I am only able to help one person.

People ARE suffering. Depression, anxiety, other mental health issues, and abuse of many kinds savagely prevents people from experiencing purpose. People don’t have to continue to suffer without hope. It’s one thing to go through difficulty. It’s something entirely different to feel alone and unloved in the midst of your trial. I am convinced that one of the biggest reasons people suffer is that the overall importance of love has been dimmed from our cultural experience.

Suicide grips our communities with ever increasing frequency. Homelessness affects many sectors and has recently been in the spotlight because of veteran homelessness. Drug abuse scourges our communities with its ridiculously tight grip and spills into our reality with frequent daily overdose deaths. Alcoholism destroys entire families while slowly and painfully ending the suffering of its direct victims in a process that leads to death.

In spite of what we might see or believe, here is my message: There is hope! Love can change a life!

Life breeds life, so speak life!


My background is varied. I have been delivering service to the public in one way or another for a very long time. I was in the Navy. I have worked as a mentor, a therapeutic staff support, a server, a waiter (there is a difference), a secretary, and a mental health tech. I have worked as part of Meadville Medical Center’s inpatient mental health crisis team for about six years. While working there, I have worked in both Stepping Stones and Inpatient Mental Health as a ward clerk. While doing this, I went to school and received my bachelor’s in journalism and public relations from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

I have been married for 25 years and have three children and two grandsons.

I have struggled with personal addictions and have a great deal of experience with personal hardship and the constructs of mind that make it possible to see a different perspective even when there doesn’t seem to be an answer.

I am a gifted singer. I love Jesus. I pray to God, my Father. I commune with the Breath of His Spirit, and I am a healer. I am a peacemaker. I am now not afraid to speak the truth, so I might even be considered meek.

Come on with it!

I would love to talk to you. Leave a comment or question below.
Have a great and blessed day!

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