How to Share Files in Google Drive

How to Share Files in Google Drive

You know how to organize files in Google Drive if you read this post. Now you need to know how to share files in Google Drive, especially if you are going to blog a book here at

Knowing how to share files in Google Drive can help you to disseminate your ideas and writing very nicely. You can share pictures, PDFs, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and more.

For your information, if you can share the actual document or you can also share a link. If you want the person you are sharing with to be able to edit the document, sharing a link has an extra step to give that kind of permission.

I’m going to share a file in Google Drive with you!

Here it is:

Let’s get to sharing.

If you need to share your feelings, it’s okay. Absolutely! I am willing to listen, but for now, let’s stick to showing you how to share files in Google Drive.

Here are some steps:

  • Open Google Drive
  • Refer to “How to organize files…” Here’s a link.

I just uploaded the file above to my Google Drive, placed it in the appropriate folder, and clicked on it.

This is what I saw!

The rest of the screen is black, pretty much, but on the top right of the screen positioned below the task bar, you will see three icons. You can discover the share options when you click on the three little vertical dots icon.

Here’s what it looks like:

When you click on the three dots, you will see:

Obviously, you can see that we are getting somewhere. Right there is the “share” button/icon. Sweet!

Click on the icon or the word share, and Drive takes you to the next image below:

If you know the email address of the person you want to share this file with, add the email in the appropriate place and click on “Done.” And you would be done. For real!

If perchance you are only wanting to send someone a link from your email account or if you want to share a link on social media so your friends can all access your file, you will need to click on “Get Shareable Link.”

When you click on that, the image below pops up, and you have some more choices to make.

Check it out!

So, you can copy the link if you are comfortable with people only viewing your file or image. If by chance you wanted to let other people edit the file, you would have to give different permissions. When you click on the little triangle next to where I pointed that cool orange arrow, the below image jumps right up for your viewing pleasure:

Okay, so it looks like you can totally shut off link sharing so that only the people you email will have access. Then the options expand if you want to share by link. You can allow people to edit, comment or just view. Editing means you can comment as well. Commenting means you can comment. (I think that makes sense, lol.) And viewing…well, I think we get it.

Oh, it looks like you can copy the URL while on this screen as well. Notice a different, yet still cool, orange arrow pointing at “Copy.”

What happens when you click on “More”?

This pops up:


The last of our slides, I am afraid. And no cool orange arrows. What a pity!

Google Drive gives you full control to do with your files whatever you choose. It’s pretty great for collaboration in projects.

I made this post as a companion to “Blog a Book” so that when you choose to partner with me here at to blog a book, you will be set on how to share files in Google Drive with me.

Leave me a comment below if you like. I would love to chat!

Have a great day!


Here’s a really cool exercise – I just made a shareable Google Doc on my Google Drive called, “If you were to write a book…” I set up the permissions so that anyone who had the link could make a comment. Try it out!
Here’s the link:
Blog a Book Experiment

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  1. WOW thanks for this post. My school district actually uses Google in the classroom, kids are issued a gmail within the district and from 6 – 12, they use all the productivity and collaboration tools during school. The teachers setup google classrooms and the kids submit their work electronically. In High School they are issued ipads or chromebooks, and I’m just mentioning it to say, that this is the wave of the future. This web based productivity isn’t going away and I LOVE that you’re out there getting everyone up to speed! Thank you!

    1. Dear Wenda,
      I really appreciate your encouraging words. Please feel free to use it as a resource for the kids. I hope to relay a message that anyone can follow. I figure if I can understand it, most people should have a good chance, lol. God bless!

  2. Alan, I love this post! I am learning to do a lot of things on the computer, but it does not come easily to me. Most sites are difficult to understand, but yours is very logical. It comes with pictures and shows where to click. I am following you!

    1. Dear Lisa,
      There’s something I haven’t figured out. I know there used to be a way to follow blogs, but I don’t know how. It seems silly. I must be missing something quite simple.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I would direct you to my other site, CreateYourDream, where I do some other tutorials about WordPress, HTML, and CSS. I would love to have you there with me, or anywhere for that matter. I appreciate the work you are doing very much. Thank you. I checked out your site and left a comment. I will make a plug for it right here if you don’t mind. Anyone reading this should check out OnlyGodRescuedMe, and you will be amazed and blessed. Thanks again!

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