How to Organize Files in Google Drive

How to Organize Files in Google Drive

how to organize files in google drive

In order to organize files in Google Drive, you need to have Drive to begin with. The easiest and best way to communicate from your home computer to Drive is to have a Gmail account set up. A lot of people have Gmail. If you don’t have Gmail and need help setting up an account, contact me here. I would love to help you. I don’t have a tutorial made, but I suppose I could make one quickly enough. It’s not that hard. It’s not hard to learn how to organize files in Google Drive either, and that is the main goal for this post:

To teach anyone who wants to learn –
How to Organize Files in Google Drive!

You receive this tutorial as a companion to another post I published titled
“How to Write a Book on a Blog.”

Okay, let’s execute this!

Step #1 – Getting to Google Drive

Open your Gmail account.

Notice the square collection of little squares to the left of your account login area on the upper right hand corner of the screen.

getting to google drive

When you click on these squares, you will see all of Google’s “apps” that can be accessed through your Gmail account. One of them is Google Drive, obviously. You’re one step closer to knowing how to organize files in Google Drive, my friend. Rejoice!

Google has quite an assortment of offers. You can run your whole life on their platform, and many do I am sure. I’m a big Google fan even in spite of my tendency to not like large corporations that create monopolies. I guess I am a fan because it’s useful and it helps me get stuff done and keep track of my life.

Here’s what you get!

Click on the colorful triangle labeled “Drive.”

When I click on Google Drive,

Here’s what I see!

my organized files in Google Drive

Right before I took this screenshot, all of my files were spread all over the place. I had to create these folders and then folders inside folders in order to show how to organize files in Google Drive. You will have to organize your files however you see fit.

If you are learning how to organize files in Google Drive to write a book or keep track of projects, you will be served well. Google Docs is a word processing solution. Google Slides serves up all your power point project needs. And Google Sheets lets you create all the spreadsheets your heart desires.

You can upload images, audio, and video as well. This functionality makes Google Drive a great place to store all your data. Let me show you how to do all that as well.

Clicking on “New”

Alright, so go and click on the blue “New” button in the top left of Drive, and this is what pops up for options:

creating a new folder in Google Drive

  • New Folder
  • File Upload
  • Folder Upload
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • And, More!

You can see it’s quite simple. But I’m always willing to clarify anything if I can. Just leave me a comment below, and I will get back to you!

Miscellaneous Items

Anytime you create a new folder, if you want a folder inside that folder, you have to click on the folder to open it so that you are on that level when you create the new folder inside.

If you create in Microsoft Word or some other word processing program and then copy and paste to a Google Doc, you will have some layout/formatting issues to correct. So, if you plan to use Google Docs, my suggestion is to just start with a new Google Docs document. The formatting isn’t ridiculously hard. It’s just annoying and a bit time consuming.


If you didn’t know how to organize files in Google Drive, you got it now!

Thanks for dropping by, and I hope this helps you to be successful at whatever you are trying to organize.

Part of what I would like to accomplish with is helping people write their books on a blog. If you aren’t interested in learning internet marketing through Wealthy Affiliate and you don’t want to learn WordPress or some other blogging platform, but you would like a chance to partner with me here to write your book, I am open to a conversation about that.

Obviously, from the tone of the site, you might guess I am looking for Godly topics, but don’t hesitate to contact me here if you want to run something past me.

You will find me to not be a judge. Have a great day!



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